Apr 19 2010

Music in the Park

It was a weekend of reflection, and it started at the Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park. Absolutely perfect evening. Sebastien and I were wandering around the booths, enjoying the weather, the people, the lovingly crafted art and the fact that the vendors weren’t pushing anything but simply letting their work quietly speak for itself.

Strains of guitar and a lovely voice, and my god, is that a cello underlying it all? I was irresistibly drawn to the stage. A woman with the most incredible hair, a beautifully understated stage presence, playing the guitar with a cellist by her side. I was in love. With her, with the music, with the day and the people around me, and of course with the man I was leaning against in the grass. I’ll admit to tearing up as she sang Perfect, it was just such a fitting song for that moment.

Anyways, her name, as I came to learn at the end of the set, is Doria Roberts. She’s amazing, both her music and her story. For her own reasons she does everything outside the record companies. She’s on her own, making her own way, much as I am. I certainly found her an inspiration!

I’m listening to her CD right now (Woman Dangerous). I highly recommend it, and she is an individual worth supporting.

Apr 2 2010

A Missed Flight

Last week I was told I couldn’t get on an airplane. I had finally gotten around to changing my name (after marrying Sebastien last summer). It was something I put off for a long time, knowing there would be headaches involved. Well, I ran into my first one at the airport – we had bought the ticket a while back, with my maiden name. Things didn’t match up, and there was no way to fix it. Sebastien had to go on without me. I kept his snowboard – there was no way he could carry everything alone.

So much for sneaking in slope-time during his conference.

So, I spent a week at home, and so as not to dwell on the botched trip (and the non-refundable plane ticket) I started a new project. I had been bouncing the idea of a calculator app for the iPad off Sebastien, and we had come up with a few things that might be nice on such a device. Less than a week later, I submitted CalcEdit to the app store (just in time for the iPad opening deadline). I realize it isn’t the prettiest app you’ve ever seen (yet!) but it is functional, and I would dare say useful. Some people might be appalled at the idea of tossing an app into the wild after only a week of development (and without actually testing it on a device – mine will be here tomorrow!) But, all I can say is that I poured a week of my life into this app, a week that should have been spent in the sunny, snowy Alps with my love, and that it sustained me and kept me happy while he was away. And I’m elated to see it working, and accepted for the iPad opening.

Also, I have the price of that plane ticket to recoup ;)

Jan 2 2010

iPhone OS Fonts

A few times now I’ve found myself wanting a complete list of fonts available on the iPhone, mostly to share with the designers I collaborate with. There are a couple decent lists circulating, but they have their flaws. Here’s an exact dump of the font names available with iPhone OS 3.1.2, represented by their Mac OS X counterparts. I can’t promise they look exactly the same as they will look on the phone, but it’s a good starting point. Feel free to use and share!


Nov 20 2009

Regina on repeat

When it comes to music, I’m a one CD at a time sort of person. My collection is quite small, in part because there are many things I prioritize buying before music (video games, tech toys, good food) and I refuse to steal it. Each CD I do buy is greatly prized though, and sees more than it’s fair share of play time.

A few weeks ago my brother went to a Regina Spektor concert with his girlfriend. He told me about her later – she was shy on the stage, somewhat awkward with the audience, but the moment she sat down at her piano and started singing she was just completely within her element. Well, I found this totally endearing, so I bought one of her CDs (Begin to Hope) on the drive home from my parents’ house. So that’s what I’m listening to now, for about the hundredth time :) It’s a great coding companion, I highly recommend it!

Oct 23 2009

You’ve been invaded!

Sebastien and I are playing Demon’s Souls right now (RPG for the PS3). It’s a fantastic game, and engrossing both of us in a way that we’ve been missing since WoW. Nearly all of the game is played alone, though you can see ghosts of other players from time to time and read cryptic messages they leave on the ground. Tonight was the first time I’ve been “invaded” in the game though. I was on my way out of the level, but when I tried to exit I was told there was a Black Soul in the instance and I couldn’t leave until the PvP was concluded. That was a first, being denied safe passage home to the Nexus, and was a bit unnerving in and of itself.

Then I found the other player (or rather, he found me). He was glowing a brilliant red and had a huge shield, pretty intimidating altogether, especially since I had never seen this before. Luckily Seb was sitting next to me, cheering me on and offering calm, logical tips. I had just learned how to enchant my falchion earlier, and managed to get that off and get a few swings in. The effect is deadly, as the other player realized, and he proceeded to run away.

I thought that was it, so I tried to leave the instance again. But apparently you have to hunt and kill the other player to end it, even when they’re running and hiding. Given how large the instance is it took a while, but I finally found the Black Soul and finished the job.

Left the instance, entered another, and immediately there’s another Black Soul! This player was harder to kill, but ran around less, so it was over fairly quickly. Overall it was a heart-pounding experience, and yet another reason why I love this game (though I might feel a bit differently on the losing side of things).

Oct 22 2009

Not the beginning…

But a beginning.

I’ve been reading the Wheel of Time. Actually, I’ve been reading it for a few years now, off and on, and only recently decided it was time to finish it (or at least catch up before the next book comes out). I’m on the last couple chapters of book ten (CoT) and loving every bit of it. I think it’s one of those series that grows on you when you take a break from it, though I do have to refer to a character list whenever I come back ;)

Anyways, this website is one of my beginnings. I’m working from home, making games and other iPhone apps, and trying to see if I can make a living doing it. The verdict is still out on that bit, but one thing is for certain: this sure is fun!